SwissPropTech Membership

We do offer 4 possibilities to join Swiss PropTech as a Member.
To make sure we use the same expressions, please consider our definitions.
PropTech - Startups
You just started your business? Share your experience with other startups and get to know our network of real estate professionals to optimize your business model/ product to achieve business readiness as fast as possible.
You already achieved business readiness? We will boost your growth opportunities in and around Switzerland. Therefore, we offer you specific market knowledge and link you to advisors and decision makers of the real estate industry in no time.
Do you want to be where innovation is happening?
As an established real estate company or consultant you need to be at the pulse of real estate.
As a Member of Swiss PropTech you will get in touch with native and foreign PropTechs. Further you will be able to modernize your image to attract customers as well as employees.
You are a private person and/or business angel who likes to be part of something great? Meet inspiring people, advice young entrepreneurs and exchange knowledge! We are looking forward to introducing you to our PropTech members.
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