First Swiss PropTech Study

While PropTech is not a new phenomenon in Switzerland, finding information and insights about this industry proves to be challenging. This study in collaboration with Credit Suisse Real Estate Economics aims to change that. We hope to be able to garner new knowledge and a better understanding of this rapidly expanding area of the real estate market.
Learnings from 2017:
- Definition of PropTech important for sample (age of PropTechs)
How it works
We ask all domestic or foreign PropTech companies which are active or interested in the Swiss real estate market to participate in this survey.
Important: Please make sure you only fill in the form once for each company.
The survey will take you about 10 minutes and closes on August 11th.
The questionnaires will be analyzed by Credit Suisse AG. Your answers are anonymous and the results will be aggregated.
Your incentive
As a thank you for your participation, we would like to offer you a copy of the report detailing the findings from this study in exclusivity. Furthermore, we will select by a random drawing four participating companies, which will have the chance to be portrayed as part of a summary intended for the media communication.
Important: In order to receive the survey report later on and to participate in the random draw, you will need to provide an email contact at the end of the questionnaire. This information will be recorded separately from your anonymous answers.
Thanks for sharing your expertise!
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