Swiss PropTech Definitions

To make sure we are talking about the same we came up with following definitions
PropTech = Property Technology
It is a collective term which is used for currently young companies that provide innovative and technology based products/ business models for real estate markets. The level of innovation can differ from incremental and radical right up to disruptive. In terms of SwissPropTech only companies which are operatively led by its owners are able to benefit from PropTech offers.
ConTech = Vertical of Property Technology
It is vertical of PropTech industry focused on innovation and technology products/ services for design and construction of the real estate, as well as smart buildings and cities.
ReTech = Real Estate Technology
The same like PropTech just not as much used in Europe.
PropTech - Startup
A company in the early stages of determining product-market fit, experimenting with customer segmentation and working toward a positive contribution margin. Latest 5 years after legal founding or a successfully finished financing round, they will loose their startup status regarding to SwissPropTech.
PropTech - Scaleup
A company that has already validated its product within the marketplace and has proven that the unit economics are sustainable.
A company or private person that is benefiting of the provided SwissPropTech platforms/ services.
Companies and organisations which offer something that is of use to our Members and ends up in a win - win situation