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“Skate where the puck is going to be,
not where it has been (Wayne Gretzky!"
Member categories & benefits
You just started your business? Share your experience with other startups and get to know real estate professionals to optimize your business model/ product to achieve business readiness as fast as possible.

  1. Access to mentors & PropTech Angels
  2. Opportunities for collaborations and partnerships
  3. Business model & product tuning
You already achieved business readiness? We will boost your growth opportunities in and around Switzerland. Therefore, we offer you specific market knowledge and link you in no time to advisors and decision makers of the international real estate industry.

  1. Direct access to Customers & Investors
  2. Meet potential Partners, enhance workforce and visibility
  3. Faster market entry & scale support
Do you want to understand what is happening?
We provide you an inspiring network that helps you to understand whats going on in the real estate industry. Further a Membership enables you to modernize your image to attract new customers as well as employees.

  1. Direct access to local & foreign PropTechs
  2. Meet the founders and learn from the innovative teams
  3. Foster innovation for business growth, attract customers and employees
You are a private person and/or business angel who likes to be part of something great? Meet inspiring people, advice young entrepreneurs and share your knowledge! We are looking forward to introducing you to our PropTech members.

  1. Direct access to local & foreign PropTechs
  2. Meet the founders and learn from the innovative teams
  3. Get fast & deep insights in to the international community
With Google you understand the present, with SwissPropTech the future!
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