Review EXPO REAL 2018
Two winners at Expo Real's startup contest
Six out of 25 PropTech ventures in the startup competition at the international real estate fair Expo Real 2018 in Munich came from Switzerland or from among the members of the innovation network SwissPropTech. In the end, two of these young and promising companies were awarded.
Startup [email protected] Real 2018
In this year's competition at the international real estate fair Expo Real in Munich, PriceHubble and Tower360 were two winning startups (in the category «Invest» and «Market») who are members of the Swiss innovation network SwissPropTech. "These two victories are particularly pleasing. Their real estate know-how is high and their business ideas are convincing," comments network manager Mario Facchinetti on the successful completion of the international startup contest in the Bavarian capital.

Huge success for our members PriceHubble and Tower360
The competition presented by Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN) was held for the second time and covered all three days of the fair and included the categories «Invest» and «Market» as well as «Plan & Build», «Manage & Operate» and «Smart Cities & Work». In total, five of the 25 participants came from Switzerland alone. The winner, PriceHubble from Zurich, was founded by Stefan Heitmann in 2015. The business content of Heitmann's company is to automate real estate analytics, valuations and forecasts using large amounts of data using machine learning. Tower360 as another member of SwissPropTech prevailed over competitors from Great Britain, Ireland, Israel and Austria. With their solution, the young entrepreneurs from Hamburg provide large amounts of data about real estate management for commercial providers and developers. From a Swiss perspective, Carbon Delta AG (climate-friendly investment portfolios), and ETH spin-off Archilyse (advances architecture analysis), both from Zurich, as well as Loriot AG (cloudbased IoT infrastructure solutions for the real estate industry) were also in the competition race and presented their ideas in front of an international audience.

REIN Forum at Expo Real 2018 - bigger and better
"The Forum of the Real Estate Innovation Network at the EXPO REAL in Munich was even bigger and better visited this year," says Mario Facchinetti. His network SwissPropTech was the official swiss partner of REIN Forum. "The interest in the digitization of the real estate industry is broad and beyond all limits, " adds Facchinetti. "With the Swiss victory in the important category Invest and a remarkable presence of a total of 13 SwissPropTech members Switzerland's PropTech scene has shown on an international stage what it can do and what is able to. A starting point on which we build on, " Facchinetti sums up.