REVIEW SwissPropTech TrophY 2018

A big race for small startups

Seven teams with a total of 22 participants met on April 4 for this year's Swiss PropTech Trophy. After the billiard tournament in 2017, now it was time for the kart track in Spreitenbach - and an open race among startups and established companies in the Swiss proptech sector took place.
And the winner is... PropTech Hoppers (picture credits: Swiss PropTech)
The e-karts with a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour (km/h) were driven on a 280 meters long winding indoor track. In one of the intermediate laps Nico Wüst of team «RTAG» (RT Immobilien Treuhand AG) scored the top result of 24.11 seconds per lap.

In the end, Mario Facchinetti was lucky enough to win with his team «PropTech Hoppers» (SwissPropTech) with the highest average speed of 57.45 km/h in the final round. Second place went to Cyril Kägi of Jarowa AG for the mixed team «The Wild Crowd». Third came Patrick Pletscher from Price Hubble.

As was the case last year, the Swiss «PropTechies» now and then like to exchange their laptops and smartphones for other equipment and use a sporting event in a relaxed atmosphere for competition and exchange in the real world.

Swiss PropTech would like to thank all «e-kart racers» and is hoping that many of this year's Trophy participants will soon be back for the business get-together at the Swiss PropTech Day in late May.

Mario Facchinetti
Representative Swiss PropTech
«Hot wheels, hard fights and a tight race. Big thanks to our 'e-kart racers' at the Swiss PropTech Trophy 2018.»
«Ich fand den <Speed-geladenen> Swiss PropTech Trophy Day perfekt, um als Neumitglied mit anderen Mitgliedern in ungezwungener Atmosphäre in Kontakt zu treten. Den Bürostuhl gegen einen Kart einzutauschen holt einem auch ganz schnell aus dem daily Business, was echt cool ist.»

Lea Lippuner
Projektleiterin Facility Management
LiB AG Liegenschaften-Betrieb AG
«Herzlichen Dank nochmals für die Organisation der Trophy. War super einige Mitglieder der PropTech Community auf der Überholspur zu sehen.»

Dominic Lüdin
Chief Commercial Officer
PriceHubble AG
«Wir konnten die verschiedenen Mitglieder von Swiss PropTech in einer lockeren Stimmung kennenlernen. Es wurde nicht nur über die Ideallinie auf der Kartbahn gesprochen, sondern wir gewannen auch einen Einblick in die Welt der Startups in der Immobilienbranche. Gerne wieder!»

Nico Köppel
Student Intern
RT Immobilien Treuhand AG
«Grossartige analoge Abwechslung zum Tech-Alltag. Danke Swiss PropTech & bis zum nächsten Jahr.»

Mattia Regi
flatfox AG
The winner podium...
Empty winners podium at the Kart racecourse before the big final
Congratulation to the winning teams
Team PropTech Hoppers came first, RTAG second and PriceHubble third
Ready for the final race...
The seven participants of the final round at this year's Swiss PropTech Trophy
One of several speedy e-karts
Swiss PropTech Trophy 2018 - testing electromobility with e-karts
«This is how these e-karts work...»
The Swiss PropTech event took place at the kart racecourse in Spreitenbach
Safety comes first
Introductions before the race at the Swiss PropTech Trophy 2018 close to the city of Zurich