Our sector needs innovative ideas

The current crisis has given digitalisation a boost. Now it's time to take advantage of it. The real estate sector in particular offers a great deal of potential for simplifying the process of moving house.
Lockdown restrictions and the need to work from home have forced people to stay within their own four walls. As a result, housing is becoming more important than ever before. In the months following lockdown, the number of visitors to ImmoScout24 increased by more than 62%, reaching a record high.
Although this number has now returned almost to normal, the subject of housing remains highly relevant. This is evident in the fact that people are looking for larger homes, that the conversion rate for rented properties increased by over 32% in September, and that 80% more search subscriptions have been registered for properties for sale.

People are dreaming of having their own garden and are moving out of centres
and densely populated areas, preferring agglomerations where there's more
space and affordable prices. This dream often begins with an advertisement on a
platform such as ImmoScout24.
New solutions to make life easier
The coronavirus crisis has boosted digitalisation in many different industries. The
real estate sector is no different; for example, virtual viewings have practically
become standard. But there's a lot more to it than that. There are many
processes that are still done manually, ranging from concluding rental contracts
and signing over properties to acceptance protocols. The range of areas that
require innovative and simplifying solutions is vast and the creative possibilities
are practically infinite.

Together with resourceful developers and lateral thinkers, ImmoScout24, as a
service platform, aims to make life easier for house-hunters, estate agents and
property managers. Users should feel closely supported in their search for their
new dream home and find attractive digital services along the user journey – to
prevent their dream from turning into a nightmare.
A bright future ahead
As the subject of housing becomes more and more relevant, it's clear that digital
solutions, including in the real estate sector, are becoming increasingly
important. Housing is a fundamental need, which means that it will remain a
secure business model even in times of crisis. Whoever finds a way of simplifying
life for everyone involved can look forward to a successful future. In spite or
even because of the crisis.

This is a blog article provided by our member ImmoScout24.