SwissPropTech Magazine
A comprehensive overview of the Swiss PropTech scene
About the magazine
Wouldn't it be nice to have a comprehensive magazine about the Swiss PropTech scene? We think so too. That's why we're launching the Swiss PropTech Magazine. The best thing? You can be a part of it.
The Idea
To create a comprehensive magazine on the Swiss PropTech scene. Because people still appreciate physical information and we see a solid reader number of physical magazines.

And that's why we'll include our magazine in the June Edition of Immobilien Business and Intelligent Bauen. And you can be a part of it. Reach your target audience, find new staff members or look for collaboration partners. All in our own magazine.
We want to portray the Swiss PropTech scene and show you

... PropTechs you should know
... SwissPropTech Directory
... Successful collaboration stories
... Investor's thoughts and ideas

and much, much more about the Swiss PropTech scene!
The Swiss PropTech Magazine will be published together with the June Edition of Immobilien Business and Intelligent Bauen (reach 17'000) and will be published in German.

SwissPropTech Members have various advertisement options such as

... SwissPropTech Directory Entry
... Advertisements (1/4 page to 1/1 page)
... Advertorials
Key features of the magazine
Direct Access
Gain direct access to your target audience by participating in the first Swiss PropTech magazine. Introduce your company & services and start getting noticed by investors, partners and customers.
Unique Format
While we value the ubiquity of the internet and all its communication channels, people do still appreciate physical magazines. And because our target audience still ready physical papers, we think this format to be ideal.
Member benefits
As a member of SwissPropTech you have the chance to portray your company and services. Make use of this chance and show you are a Swiss Real Estate Innovation Leader.
Swiss Real Estate Innovation Leader
Use this chance and apply for the SwissPropTech Directory. You may benefit from:
Company logo
Publish your company logo and transport your brand into the Swiss real estate and construction industry.
Company description
Describe your company in a few words and highlight your services, target audiences and USPs.
Include your picture of choice to illustrate the unique value of your company.
State what you are looking for, either investors, staff or collaboration partners.
The Team Behind
Meet the people who are responsible for the first Swiss PropTech Magazine
Lars Sommerer
Roman Bolliger
Swiss Circle
Birgitt Wüst
Immobilien Business
Stefanie Stucki-Keusen
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